June 6, 1951

September 4, 2009

Wednesday – Clear

Awoke at 6:50. Did gongyo, feeling refreshed both in body and spirit. Not to be filled with vitality and burning passion during the precious years of youth would be a waste. Advancement – what a youthful word, filled with possibilities for the future. I will, throughout my life, use and practise this word both in name and in reality. Advancement – this word implies growth, hope, courage, youth and justice.

  1. Finish copy for the article to be used for propagation by the 15th.
  2. Exert myself to make my district prosper.

Discussed various matters with Miss M. at Y.’s.

Recolutionaries, poets, thinkers, politicians, educators – aren’t their endeavours all included within Buddhism’s essence? Alone, thinking deeply about Mr Toda. Read a book.

The greater the man, the deeper his love. To bed, 3:00.

May 31, 1950

September 3, 2009

Thursday – Light rain

May is over. The greater the hardship we encounter, the more courageous and passionate we must become.

Youth who live to propagate the Great Pure Law, this is your destiny, your mission. Advancing towards kosen-rufu, determined youth. How many true comrades in faith are there? My true friends, who are they? Does my heart know them? My faith is only in the Gohonzon. Aren’t those who fully believe in Gohonzon truly reliable? And truly reliable comrades – aren’t they the ones who truly believe in the Gohonzon?

To bed, 1:30.

May 30, 1951

September 2, 2009

Wednesday – Clear

India is called the land of the moon because it was there that the Buddha made his appearance. Japan is called the land of the sun; now could a sage fail to appear there? Just as the moon moves from west to east, the Buddhism of India has spread towards the east. The sun rises in the east. This is a sign that Buddhism of Japan will one day return to India. The feeble light of the moon [of Sakyamuni's Lotus Sutra] will illuminate the long darkness of the fifth five-hundred years. The Buddha did not cure those who slandered the Lotus Sutra, for the did not appear in his lifetime. But in the Latter Day of the Law, powerful enemies of the one vehicle will abound. The blessings [which result from propagation in such an age] will be the same as those of Bodhisattva Fukyo. You who are my disciples must exert yourself thoroughly. – (GZ, pg 576)

More and more like summer every day.

First, believe in the Gohonzon.

First, never doubt the Gohonzon.

First, continue to pray to the Gohonzon.

First, never leave the Gohonzon.

First, proclaim the greatness of the Gohonzon.

Home at 11:00.

May 26, 1951

August 29, 2009


In the evening, Mr Toda gave a Gosho lecture at the headquarters. Tomorrow, I will accompany the youth division chief, T., and three other youths to the Tochigi area for propagation, staying overnight. Delighted, as it will be my first expedition to campaign in an outlying area.

My district has many points that need improvement. U. and T. came by late in the evening. Inwardly, I feel some Gakkai members could use little more common sense. Spontaneity deserves respect. Nonetheless, it should be appropriate. actions that cause trouble for others can in no way be called spontaneity. Rather, we could conclude that those who act in such a way are taking advantage of Buddhism.

Qualities like courtesy and common sense should serve to enhance spontaneity. They should not exist merely for their own sake. When each individual understands the True Law, and it becomes the driving force, the fundamental principle for that age, how deep the nation’s foundation will be! How reasonable and splendid a society will be established! People will then lead lives free from contradictions and deadlocks.

The True Law: Understand it deeply!
The True Law: Spread it widely!
The True Law: Apply it powerfully to your daily life!
The True Law: Praise it highly!
The True Law: Let it flow, purely, to the depths of your life!

Returned home, 11:30. To bed, 2:00

May 25, 1951

August 28, 2009

Friday – Clear

In the evening – fourteen eager youths gathered for a lecture from Mr Toda. It was on Letter from Sado. Must try my best.

Regret that I cannot make progress as I desire. Some days I feel so miserable I want to cry. I keep worrying about Omori District. Will pray to Gohonzon for it to become a perfect district.

Why are youths’ mind always changing? Inspiration, despair, joy, suffering, the desire for improvement, dejection, high spirits, worry, optimism, caution … In any event, I must be youthful. Must live as befits a young man. To bed 3:00.


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