June 6, 1951

September 4, 2009

Wednesday – Clear

Awoke at 6:50. Did gongyo, feeling refreshed both in body and spirit. Not to be filled with vitality and burning passion during the precious years of youth would be a waste. Advancement – what a youthful word, filled with possibilities for the future. I will, throughout my life, use and practise this word both in name and in reality. Advancement – this word implies growth, hope, courage, youth and justice.

  1. Finish copy for the article to be used for propagation by the 15th.
  2. Exert myself to make my district prosper.

Discussed various matters with Miss M. at Y.’s.

Recolutionaries, poets, thinkers, politicians, educators – aren’t their endeavours all included within Buddhism’s essence? Alone, thinking deeply about Mr Toda. Read a book.

The greater the man, the deeper his love. To bed, 3:00.

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